by Richard Smyth

Boot Poems

Epic of the Six Darknesses

The Snowman Poems

The Snowman
The Snowman Remembers the Firehouse
The Snowman Goes to Florida
The Snowman Watches Fireworks
The Snowman and His Hot Lover
The Snowman Writes about the Fireman
The Snowman Writes of the Fireman and His Frigid Lover
The Snowman Writes of Astronomy
The Snowman Among the Published
The Snowman in Autumn
The Snowman and the Blizzard
The Snowman at Advent
The Snowman at Solstice
The Snowman in December
Snowman Sculptor
Snowman Awakening
What the Snowman Saw Upon Awakening
Snowman Agonistes
The Snowman Thinks of Plato
The Snowman Plays With Fire
The Snowman Contemplates the Heat Death of the Universe
The Snowman Goes to Hell

The Fireman Poems

The Fireman Sets the World on Fire
When the Fireman Wakes Up Tomorrow
The Fireman is Burning Bridges
The Fireman Investigates the Properties of Ash
The Fireman Considers the Mystery of Synergy
The Fireman and His Search for God
The Fireman and the Darknesses
The Fireman and Empedocles
The Fireman Discovers Dark Energy
The Fireman is Burning the Candle at Both Ends
The Fireman and the Poet
The Fireman Drills for Oil
The Fireman Investigates Hydrogen Energy
The Fireman Has a Brain Tornado
The Fireman Reads of Meditating Monks
The Fireman Surveys a Burnt Pine Forest
The Fireman Goes Leaf-Peeping
The Fireman Visits Minnesota
The Fireman Saw Sunflowers
The Fireman at the Burning Bush
The Fireman Considers the White Hole

Poems For And About Family

The Generations
Poems Not Written for My Sons
Mother of the Big Stone
Father of the Big Hands
Father of the Bowling Ball

Poems For And About Friends

Bad to the Bone Marrow
Elegy for Marty Horton
Tool Man
On Receiving a Book of Poetry from My Long Lost Friend
After the Phone Conversation with Duane Locke
Deaf Kids at Dunn Bros. Coffee Shop, St. Paul
Old Woman Crossing the Street

Axiom: A Mathematics of Poetry

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