2D Analogy Anabiosis

an•a•bi•o•sis n. reanimation after apparent death. [< NL < Gk anabiosis a coming back to life = anabi- (s. of anaioein to return to life; see ANA-, BIO-) + -osis -OSIS ]

The Anabiosis Press began as a desire to publish a poetry journal called ALBATROSS. Professor Duane Locke of the University of Tampa gave to Richard Smyth, his student, the AB Dick Offset Duplicator which he used to publish the UT Review during the height of the Immanentist Movement. After bringing it in to get serviced and repaired, Smyth was told that it could not be fixed. At this point the ALBATROSS seemed to have died before it was born. But, following the model of a small journal which was obviously photocopied and poorly produced yet which published poetry from people all across the country, ALBATROSS was born in 1985, and the press was given a name to signify this "reanimation after apparent death": The Anabiosis Press.

Fifteen years later, ALBATROSS seemed ready to perish once again when Smyth realized that another resurrection could occur, an electronic resurrection. Anabiosis Online represents the translation of the Anabiosis Press into electronic form.

Anabiosis Online will continue to publish ALBATROSS, both in print and online, but in addition it will endeavor to expand its editorial range to include experimental hypertexts/hybrids of poetry and theory (hypertext poetry and theory). The convergence of poetry, hypertext, and theory: this is the future of publication. This is the anabiosis of the word online.

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last updated 1 July 2024