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Past Winners of the Anabiosis Press Chapbook Contest

2014 — Ruin and Light by Danielle Beazer Dubrasky
2013 — Reading Darwin While My Father Dies by Kate Gleason
2012 — Both Distances by Ralph Culver
2011 — Lucky by Jessie Brown
2010 — Ghost by Gaylord Brewer
2009 — Fragrant Inferno by Meghan Brinson
2008 — Gold Leaf on Granite by William Keener
2007 — Fire Before the Hands by Michael S. Glaser
2006 — Bestiary Charming by Jackie White
2005 — Garnet Lanterns by Sally Rosen Kindred
2004 — Traveling Without A Map by Margaret J. Hoehn
2003 — The Conjurer by Jeanne Wagner
2002 — Wise Woman by Katharyn Howd Machan
2001 — Ivory by Anne Coray

To order a copy of any of the above, please indicate title desired and send a check made out to Anabiosis Press for $8 (which includes shipping) to Anabiosis Press, 2 South New Street, Bradford, MA 01835.

For a complete backlist of titles, write to Richard Smyth at the above address or send email to rsmyth at anabiosispress dot org.

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